Recently. Quick update.

Last saturday, I had been to Pipit Wonderful Market. Located at the usual place, The Annexe Gallery, Central Marke, KL. This is my third time being at Pipit Art Market. Surprisingly, almost all of them are Chinese. but i manage to blend.

krik krik krik.

Peak hour, very crowded. 

See? happening right. congratulations to Pipit crews and all the vendors there. Good stuff, creative and really cute. Hey, you too. Cutie.

I went upstairs and met with ShahrulFikri, one of my lomokids freinds. He monitoring his students doing sales on typography merchandise. They are from LKW. Nicely design, delicious cookies, hot chicks. and guys too.

I love typography as they do, so why not support them right. Look what i got.

C for Clock. A nice color combination with typo C. RAWR!!. love it.