Don't worry Steve, I buy your product someday.


Steve Jobs.

The greatest CEO in America. Built an empire in computer, media and communication business just with a simple box and just black and white.

Everybody worshiped him, cry for him death and mourned. But despite the inspiration he had gave, he suffer a long time with cancer. With his strong will fighting the pain, he enormously rise up with a series of undoubted invention of Mac product. Respect. With his simple personality and amazing key note presentation, we just eagerly waiting for the next line of Mac product.

But, another man which is not-so-popular (which he should be known) is the designer for Apple's product. I have been inspiring the Mac product since  iMac G3 when I first saw in Yahoo News back in 1999. This is the first year when I got internet connection with dial-up broadband. I don't know anything about design and anything about Apple either back there, so it just kept me wondering, when am I gonna get and use this thing. Until today, I know...behind every good product lies great designer and the mastermind.

Currently in Apple, the Industrial Designer team lead by Jonathan Ive who is responsible for the design, materials and functionality of one of the Apple greatest product, the iPod 5th generation. He was recognized as the youngest Industrial Designer received Honorary Doctor by Royal College of Art in June 2009.

Being a designer at Apple is my dream since school time. I just love the minimalist concept, less is more with all the Apple product. iWish, iCould and iJust need to try my best. I know i'm good, but I just need to be that good.

Thanks Steve Jobs, thanks Jonathan Ive, thanks Apple for inspiring me ever after.