A day retreat

What if you have a whole life holiday? Great or just a boring routine for a spectacular day.

But what if the whole life holiday can be compressed into one awesome day retreat. I means, good food, three best friends, sunny day with nice temperature, nice surrounding and yummy desert. It is very unlikely to be a perfect day retreat, but you know...just out of your house, far from your laptop or PC.

Source, mllesylvia
Ben's Pavillion. Source, Time Out KL

Not necessarily to be classy and expensive, but up to you to spend your money for what and where. Great money, great return. Choose and plan carefully before you go. Time, traffic, parking and so on just to make things go smooth and easy. Eat and eat and eat. As simple and that.

Perhaps a movies. For this week, don't miss a chance to watch Johnny English Reborn. Totally made my day. Funny, stupid and funny. With British humor, you don't find any disgusting sex and poop American jokes. It just Mr Bean. Everything is funny. Don't expect too much, just enjoy and have fun.

Last but not least, bring umbrella. Just bring it. A small fold-able umbrella just too big if you need it.