Gapoi. Generation.

Gapoi is one of the "orang asli" villages. Located nearby Karak highway, Gapoi is the 3rd of the large waterfalls along this 20 kilometers stretch of road, from Karak to Simpang Pertang. See here and here. Been there for community service in April 2010. I was very happy back there to see the children smiles. 

Pictures tell.

One of the houses in the Kg Sg Gapoi.

A session with the villagers. On the wall is some medal and portrait of her son at school.

Promising future generation.

Morning exercise.


The participants with some of the children.

Gapoi waterfall.

Beautiful. This villagers belief this waterfall as a sacred places which anyone should seek permission from the leader of the tribe to enter this area. 

Zenit 122
Industar 58mm f2
Kodak Ultramax 400 (expired)

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POSTED BY Omar Shamsuddin