Random. Analog

Since last year, I felt its time to give up blogging. But, I can't get away from my PC, I've been a lot in "blog walking" and I discovered that blogging is not a trend. Its a habit. Why it is a habit? It is because majority are doing it. When it becomes a habit, I feel uncomfortable when I'm not doing it, blogging.

So here I am, still alive and kicking. Meanwhile, I still keep my interest on photography, but I shoot more in analog because my lovely DSLR are long gone. Thanks to Bak for providing film scanning service. Its a lot of strips, I try to upload some of them from time to time.

I've been using blogger since 2007, it was known as Blogspot. Feel free to dig some of my old stuff.

Bunta did a backflip. But I think it was a half backlip

My AAD seniors.

Inside the bus. I managed to hold my camera still.



Pictures above during my trip to Penang on 2009. Hell yeah it was 2 years ago.

POSTED BY Omar Shamsuddin