A peek into sunday

what an afternoon. wish i could have a job right now. kind da. today is sunday. my mom is not home. all my family members too. im home alone. i like to eat bread. so i had breakfast with some breads. haha. so long, i missed my school time.

sunday morning. yesterday night was a great fight between kelantan and negeri sembilan. courage and determination. both teams deserve in the final. just one team only deserve to win. football.

i really should say "foolball" but everyone love it.haha. dont get mad. it just like GOLF, "golongan orang lemah fikiran". but the thing is, most of the GOLF player are making billions in a month
. do u care? haha. same goes to football or "foolball". just deal in a bet, u can get at least RM 100 for 90 minutes play.

interesting huh?.

i just got back from the stadium. having a look around after the game, take some pics. ill post later the in this blog, because im using films, so need to develop it first.guess what? u should see it by yourselves. an if u want a free burgers, please have a visit. a lot of burgers, i think from the last night sale. the cleaner were taking some of the burgers for lunch maybe. yes. it still eat-able. kind of..haha

go back to the football. im not into football things, but i do sometimes. im not in anyone side, neither n9 not kelantan, but i vote for nogori to win. they just stronger team than kelantan. can see it in every match they have. rather than kelantan, they just have fanatic fans which make them seem better. talking about fans, kelantanese should mind their act during each match. it just a football match. not a war. win or loose, it just dont matter. its how the team play to win.

i rather should say this:

"takkan setiap game nak menang kot". "takkan setiap kali kalah nak bakar2 bas orang". "takkan semua bende nak marah kot".

face it.the reality is there. nothing u should against with. the referee is there. the goal poll is there, the player is there, the coach is there. nothing to blame to. it just ur self. so play the game, fair play. support malaysian football.

hooligan is not our culture. but feels the spirit of hooligan. kick some more!!


pictures courtesy of Hafizuddin. click for his photostream on flickr.

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