MSID 4belas (14th MSID Student's Saturday)

iium participants after the closing ceremony. happy with the awards won

Its been a long time since the MSID Student's Saturday 3belas (see pictures on 3belas) was held. Last saturday, the 4belas organized by Saito College was held in their campus area, Section 52, PJ. Interior architecture students from colleges all around Malaysia gathered around for this great event. As an annual event, there are a lot of activities fun stuff there. EVOrace, wall painting and others. Sponsored by Nippon Paint (Malaysia), the events went smoothly although its raining a little bit in the evening.

the crowds during the launching ceremony

For me, the events should be more successful if the organizer consider some small things like the venue, audio and video systems that seems disturbing the flow of the events. Maybe this is the first time Saito College been assigned to organized such a big event, but its ok, next time can they can do better.

In the end, the awards winner announced after the performance (talentime) by the participated colleges and universities. A lot of dancing done by the performer. Some might create eye sore with overrated dance move, (it should be filtered) since the participants come from different religious, culture and age. But the KBU performs a great comedy pantomins with a great props and music, message at the last and the character totally comprehended. No wonder they announced as the best performer judged by Eric Leong.

iium participants

As for me, my college, IIUM bagged with 3 Major Prizes:

1: 2nd Prize Wire Mesh Furniture Design & Installation
2: Best Hospitality Design
3: Best Mural & Wall Installation for MSID & Nippon Pain

wall painting team after winning the RM1000 prize. wow!

me, receiving prize and cert for bunting design.wuhu.

and 2n Prize, Bunting Design which designed by me. woohooo. The night was so happening with the crowd shout supporting their colleges. IIUM participants is just about 30 students, but we managed to have a great and enjoyable moment with all the crazy things and 'kutuk' others.haha. uiiiiiya.!!

as for the coolest supporter and lecturer, En Fakhul Zaman, thnks a lot for all ur guide and help and congratz for being the most supportive lecturer and all the best for ur study.

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* Pictures courtesy of En Fakhul Zaman.

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