Lelahan Ramadhan

Salam Alaik. Dua tiga menjak ini, im feeling not so in the mood untuk berada didalam circulation as a design students. sketches tah kemana, ideation berterabur, kerja last minute, tidur tak menentu. Memang tak keruan.

Memikirkan balik keadaan ini, banyak bender yang bermain2 kt otak ni. ader pasal nak berenti belajar, ada pasal nak travel ke luar negara, ada pasal making money, ader pasal nak jadi designer yang berjaya.

I try to understand how the famous designer like Philippe Starck, Karim Rashid, Micheal Young, and Harry Allen work. How they generate the idea, the conceptual and became the final products.

Really insipired, but i feel nothing. It just a clear bottle filled with colorful rainbow. nice to see.

Class? dont talk about it. I had a rough time, midterm for UNGS 2040, Islam; Knowledge and Civilazation really force my brain to understand the white book. The book that can make u sleep in 5 sceonds. Amazing right? try it if u have insomnia. A one and a half class with Dr. Zainiy Uthman is really interesting. That person is a moving library, full of suprises and sometimes, really sporty. I am very proud to be in his class. Just enjoying each word coming from his mouth. So inspiring, funny, heck to those sleeping in his class. Just ur time is wasted. right?

Cukup kot.

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