the title is inpired

currently bz with college stuff. studio project, photography, so-called some humanitarian activities, football, and some stuf that doesnt matter. speaking of matter, i need help on finding some concept to build a sculpture which is my first project for this semester. when i heard about this sculpture (again), i feel like want to quit this course, argh. the lecturers already know, the sculpture is something abstract, where nothing can describe what it means and represent except for the artist. lol. so how they judged? im really confuse. but, who cares? as long i pass the subject. nothing more or less.

here i quote a joke.

did u hear about the man who went into a book shop and asked where the self-help section was? The sales assistant wouldn't tell him. she said it would be defeating the purpose. i just keep sitting for myself. finding some answer and inspiration.

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