Musim ke sekolah kembali

i thinks its time.~doh. i dont like this shit. going back to school.haha. all long semester break is so bored, sleeping a whole infront of my PC 48 hours, doing nothing. interesting isn't it?urgh. some might be outside chilling, travelling, fishing perhaps, doing some crazy stuff... me?

doing crazy watching movies 24/7. non-stop downloading. masturbating, facebooking and some thing should not be told.haha.guess wut? cinemas seems not worth going, except for some movies like transformers 2(although not good as expected) and ice age 3. this final week of the holy-o-fuking day feels like 'oh, im back to school', 'oh im in second year', 'oh, its gonna be studio work', 'oh, burning midnight oil', 'oh a lot a program to be organized'...for sure its gonna be a lot of presure and also some 'omg, i shit my pants'.haha

dont worry about it. im well prepared. (owh, ye ker?)...for this new semester,i hope that all things flowing smoothly, no late submission, no 'maki-maki', no failure, no C+ (its a grade, not a programming thing), and success in the end. (hopefuly). some might tought that the coming semester wil be harder than previous semester but who knows? i just stumbled upon some blog and design related site for some inspiration, maybe some idea, (poyo skit) not all the design amazed me, some of them yes, but they never give a shit about what they design, all people dont, as long as the product or design published, patented and of course got sold. (money u know)

bla....bla...bla. i just mumbling upside there, dont even u care about it. some hard-to-say things still in my mind. for now, dont have intention to write it here.well, and a lot of poet and some (jiwang2 things) keep playing in my mind too, i just keep it later for the next post. oh shit, im stuck. chalo.

ps- harry potter and his freinds will have some popcorn with me. wanna join?.lastly, things happen, but we dont know the end. only God knows why....

[cara penulisan diatas adalah pengaruh movie2 yang ak tengok sepanjang cuti]

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