What is The Best School?

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Ever thought going to the best school like oxford? or MIT perhaps? or u already made yourself in that school? Me myself have not given a chance to step there. as long as my life until now, all schools that i had been were the best from the best. from the primary level, secondary level and foundation studies, all if them is the best for me. Ignore all the incomplete infrastructure provided, but observe what are they producing. Even a CEO, could has only a diploma from a local universities with a borderline pointers. The little and less education you have, the better and more you experiencing how the true life is be...is it?

For a higher achievers, maybe their life are not complicated as you are. They are accepted in big company with big salary, drive a luxury and big car, company car perhaps, and get a chance to collaborate with outsiders. Easy? for me it is just boring. nothing unusual. all thing are in ordered. enough sleep, air-cond, foods, and house.

What if you are in the opposite situation. bankrupt with no money in saving acc, failed in school, dismissed from college, got no family, cancer, what if ur life is empty. Do you realize, a person with the stated situation is lucky to be on earth. It is weird. Why? WTF? something wrong with me. no. it just not.

You just experienced a true life. learn from the difficulties. learn from time being. start from the below. even u are not reaching the top yet, dont stop, because u just only left one step more. it just a tale told in time. to be or not to be. TALEnTIME.

I just found my best school. A tale that been told in time....experience.

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