lets tear down the zoo....arghhhh

panas, terik, peluh, dahaga, itu sahaja yg mmpu diungkapkan.

*say hi to zoo negara mural painting team.

actually, this is another community project from us, applied arts and design students, iium. this project is fully superivsed by zoo negara and voluntary work. previously there had a mural painted on the wall but due to certain reason, the mural had been repaint. so, here come our team to apply a new mural which hopefully will not be repainted as previous mural. the wall is 500m long and the highest part is 4m.can u imagine? so big. not big, but truly absolutely big.

i hope that we can finish this mural as soon as possible, maybe before the short semester start. the design chose by the zoo negara, and all the work sponsored by zoo negara too. including our delicious lunch...haha.

.....so those who passed by and see us, say hi.dont give us a big honk,(small honk can be considered) otherwise i will show u my middle finger.adios!!

*trivia: if a man who is misai-less. what can we call him?

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