Hari malang sedunia or world losers day.

the subjective.
please fill in the blanks with right answer.
but it is subjective. why need right?
it is immanent: of a mental act performed entirely within the mind; "a cognition is an immanent act of mind".

if there is no reason,
why need love?
because the reason is you.

if there is light,
why need lamp?
because it is dark.

if there is grading,
why need school?
because u are stupid.

if there is book,
why need memory?
because exam is just around the corner.

if there is monitor,
why need eye?
because u are not blind.

if u stress,
why need suicide?
because u are losers.

if u get failed,
why need to repeat it?
because we are ask to.

if something broken,
why need to repair?
because i just bought it yesterday.

if u are sleepy,
why not sleep?
because theres much more 'if' to think.

*if there is b, why need b-.
because u are losers.get lost!!

POSTED BY omarkhayam