10 Facts and Habits

1.fact: i love chocolate
habit: eat that thing when bored and tired

2.fact: my house dont have television since i was 6.
habit: most of the time, i spend myself infront of computer, download muvi and tv
series.~it is fast and free.no need astro.

3.fact: i dont like mess.room and my workin space
habit: before sleep, ill make sure everythin clean up and kept in order.

4.fact: i like window shopping
habit: i always do it alone..no need accompany.susah.

5.fact: sleep for me is hard
habit: will spent most of the night chattin n sleep after solat subuh...

6.fact: i dont like to have a special friend
habit: so dont try me.

7.fact: adobe photosop is a most powerful tool, compared to paint..haha
habit: i give top priority to PS in my task manager.

8.fact: most of us claim they are cool
habit: i also like to act cool.??

9.fact: math is suck
habit: i hate calculator.

10.fact: most of the teachers and lecturers are always call my name and they remember my name.dont know why.
habit: i try my best to keep silent. so they will not recognize me at the very first time we met.
all facts and habits stated above are true and i think i want to change this post next year...new life maybe,,haha,

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