its exam la

me in the exam mood.cannot describe wat actually many kinds of wind just passed by and lost. i saw various of moods in this 'exam mood'...some might be take it for granted, some may to worry, and some looks confident, less confident and just a few seems too confident....

i quote some situation from my surrounding:

"eh..ko ader buku bm tak...esok nak peksa laa"...."ak pun tak bacer agi..." then both laughing.

"notes history maner nak dpt ek...ak da byk skip klas"...."lek aaaa...kompem a laaa" then someone replied, "assignmen pun ak tak hantar agi"...wth

"esk ko takder exam ker?"..."ader"..."tpi lek jer ak tgk, exm per?"..."ntah, ak pun tak tahu"...sigh""

i just googled the words exam mood, and a hundreds of malaysian blog appeared (no wonder laaa).i picked the first result appeared, and here is something interesting for me

"Affective states have a strong congruent on self-related judgment. positive affect improves and negative affect impairs the valence of self-conceptions. In one study (Forgas, Bower, Moylan 1990) students who had fared very well or poor on one exam were ask to rate the extent which their performance was attributable to factors that were internal in origin and stable over time. students made this attributions while they in positive or negative mood. compared to their negative mood counter-parts students in positive moods were more likely to claim credit, mking more internal and stable attributions for high test score, but less willing to assume personal responsibility for failure, making more external and unstable attributions for low test score".- Handbook of Psychology
By Irving B. Weiner, Donald K. Freedheim, John A. Schinka, Wayne F. Velicer

as said...what are u now?

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