Getting more bored..

Enough holidays...arghh.its killin me. holidays are always precious in schooltime. know wat? because can sleep through a day, without homeworks(it sucks).

"budak asrama memang camtuh, blik jer umah tido smpai ke ptg, lagi2 anak dara. igt ker lagi lagi malas ader la" as my mom said.

its true, compared to students in sekolah harian, they much more better. hmmm...dunno why.maybe the system lead us to that habit. this semester break kindly freak me out. my parents go to makkah for haji, my status are getting seriously to bankrap and my biological clock nearly damage. sleep at 4am, wake up at 3pm, then eat, watchin muvi, then sleep back.hmmm...getting more board

im thinking of find part time job, (anyone?). one thing more, my mother left me n my brothers a lot of burger, self-made and 40 pieces of the "rotiburger" which expired today and i think 20 more to getting fat.really? sigh"".not really, its not depend on how much i eat, its all hormone thing. i tried my diet (to be not-so-thin)but nothing happen. so just it.haha. one doctor i met said that this is normally happen to most of humans. the metabolism mechanism is faster than normal rate, so the fat not have enough times to gather and build the muscle.(is it right language i use).dunno laa...

'just berserah pada takdir';theres somtin special, im hardly to get diabetes. yeah.for sure. but its God's will. so just be urself n live the world to the max.

enough write.
tido. its 5am
im getting crazy.
semayang jumaat lagi.mintak2 bgn. oh luper, semayg subuh dlu.ngehhh


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