Three days more...

just three days more to end up fasting.for this month, the challenge getting bigger as a university student, need to finish up the assignmen, project, studio work and so on. i feel so tired instead of all this thing nearly put me in migrain situation. u knoe wat i mean..ngeh. i had spent this holidays with home 'staying' which means stay at home for a whole day, relax and some light reading...nothing more intersting. just yesterday, go to stretch my leg, having a walk with apuz from lowyat to masjid india and spent half a day there. doing what? looking around some shops for shopping baju rayer..first, i decided to buy baju melayu yesterday but had canceled it last minute as i want to compare the price there with shops at pkns. my brother bought a pair of baju melayu there, quite cheap with a good type of textile.

actually, the real plan is want to learn street shooting with some people from photoskool, but apuz came late and i missed it.dem. so, just two of us do some photography shooting along masjid jamek to masjid india. can view myflickr for the results.

we also breaking fast there, just sebungkus mee goreng and secawan air cost rm4 only. melantak at home laaa...

the most impotant thing, when we headed home, unfortunately see a peace perarakan...tought a hindraf riot cause see many hindus there, but actually it is a candlelight vigil as protest and memorizing the raja petra birthday which he had sent to read full report here.


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