Actually i want to publish this post a long time ago. but dont have time. so here it gonna be. About the last ptptn application submission which is really2 bad and unsystematic. how can they manage to collect all the application in two days time with a thousand of applicants.crazy. even professional event managment cant do that. and more, they claimed for RM100 for the so-called "yuran pengurusan". wtf? can u imagine, some of us have class, quizzes, tutor and so on need to skip all the class just because a little unacceptable reason.

The ptptn should see this as a big problem since they have others more big problem inside there. More of the students complained about the pay back system which keep asking them to pay even they had paid for 2 months unstop. Crazy? PTipuTipu. huh. :(. and the ptptn urge the applicants to pay on time. how can? we borrow RM3500 per sem. yah, we know that just borrow, but how come need to pay back more. its a business. not a perbadanan tabung pendidikan nasional...talk much, do less. WE CHANGE.

pic credit to jasper

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