Segalanya disini...

lately, im not so intended to update this blog as i had been busy for searching my full coverage for my maxis broadband which known as one of the sucked internet provided. im also currently busy in finding something to put in my blog. those things doesnt make sense huh. for this semester of my study, a lot of money spent as im currently in arts school. people clamoring about the fees, ptptn, scholars and anything do with money, they keep saying theres not enough, we have many thing to do, to buy, buy have u ever count how much have u spent for unnecessary thing? is it less or more than u should? Thats the problem, first thing to make ur life interesting is identify the problems, find the solution, lastly act to make it right. dont mumbling it around so that u can attract people's attention.

for my studio, 2 project successfully accomplished, first is bottle prototype making and the second one is feature wall.ill update later with pic. other thing is, the midterm examination and last minute assignment. all these things can blow up my mind,..bum like a curry splash..haha

next thing on is money. for my record, i spent most of my money at ebay which almost RM1000.not buying all for myself, also from friends who asked to buy somthing from ebay. ebay rawk..u can buy anything with cheaper price form shop outside there. that is online shoping. u can save more, and spend less.

update on my gadget, last three days, my money all gone to just a big bulky black bog named dslr camera...wa...abis duit.i had sold my pc and collect hutang overhere and overthere just for this thing...ive been mad for this thing..this camera is killing me so wonder laa, said my friends.

for this thing also, i cant easily online.need to borrow laptop. and also cannot watch movi..waaaaa because my lovely pc gone...need to saving back...menabung amalan mulia. also to all penghutang, sila bayar hutang anda secepat mungkin...this message is broght by along pte. ltd. kah4...

thats all...sekian

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