Kem Math n Sains at Terengganu

Im now enjoying my holiday in terengganu. terengganu has a lot of interesting places to visit. just arrived here yesterday. the journey takes 8hours from putra. tired. but actually im here in terengganu to join an education camp organized by my brother's company.. so just help him with the facilitator thing. i go there by bus with a freind of mine.(he is a facilitator too). we departed from putra bus station on friday with sani ekspress. the owner of the company was a singer late 80's but now start a new business. i forgot what band he played with but not so famous like black dog bone or carefree.. the journey actually took 8 hours and made me so bored.lucky for me the bus is so confortable with 2-1 seat and like executive bus. the bus is double decker bus (this is my first time) need to mention here.

we arrived at terminal kuala terengganu at about 6.30pm. for the first i see terengganu and enjoyed the journey with a beautiful sight and nice beach along the road. then, we picked by someone from the company and we stayed at teratai tenang hotel,(low budget hotel).although it is a low budget hotel, but the facilities not so bad, nice room, complete with mini-refrigator and hygiene toilet too. air-cond? it work as it cold. after we had a rest, had our dinner and introduced to other members of the program. at night i heard like firecrackers just near at our hotel, and luckily there was a show sempena perasmian colors of malaysia...that night was so beautiful,i had oppurtinity to watch the show live and just in front of my eye. but unlucky i didnt bring my camera.

thats for the night.


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