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Final exam for this short semester just around the corner...this coming monday will be the first paper. lucky me i just take 2 subjects, dont have to struggle so much. just wondering for my Bahasa Melayu, can i finish all the topics, because the lecturer didnt teach it in the class, all is read-it-yourself. the class which only in 3 weeks just filled by presentation n a little talk about the exam.thats all. this is short sem. didnt have mush times to cover up all the topics in the book. hmm.for another subject that is Islamic Worldview, im ready of it.dont have to worry.

mylife as in this short sem as a new student of IIUM, Gombak campus..
recently most of the visitor came from google searh iium or uia or cenfos. i just realized that the new session of foundation just start on 10jun. to all new apperentice..good luck. back to the topic, as a new students, i had discovered the facilities and all the places in iium. so far so good. almost perfect, there have swimming pool, sports complex including court for squash and tennis, the library also good, cafe quite affrodable and the mosque is so big and beautiful. forgot to mention, the lecturer is so good and the class is confortable with the air conditioner still working. the community as well, if you are not so childish you will see all the people is same. just a few with their bad attitude. but they are human too, so just respect and improve ourself and help them to improve too. all of us are need to be better.

hmm..too much is not good for a not-so-interesting blog..like mine..ahahah..
just that.

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