Ex or Eu?

This week full with 'dramatatic' moments this put me in very delimacious situation. Sometimes it makes me feel like being cheated by time but really it makes my life more colorful. Just finish my first paper for this final exam. Just a simple question and need a simple answer too. That went smoothly as I finished all my answers in time. But unfortunately I left my pencil case in the hall. Hopefully I can have it back tomorrow. Of course I have one more paper tomorrow sharp on 9am. So early, just wonder I can wake up tomorrow with a fresh mind or not..hehehe *yawn (still in not-so-good mood).

Back to the topic. As questioned Ex or Eu? Do u know what it means.. Exam or Euro. That’s my problem now.. Although I’m not a kaki bola but I really enjoy watching football with friends. It all about passion..hahaha.. :). Yesterday match was turkey vs. Czech rep. that the dramatatic moments I had. A good match I thought. 45-45. The rest 10 goes to the substitute player who received yellow card (this is crazy) and the coach of course. The coach of turkey seemed very desperate to win that match, luckily they won. I expect it will be a penalty shoot but the determination showed by the team gave them a moment of joy.. Go..go..go..turkey. Just that..

So back to my reality..im in exam mood….study!!!!!!! (buat2 jer mood nih) tomorrow will be Bahasa Melayu exam. Just have a little faith and pray to god I can answer all the Q.


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