Bad yang punya

tak der kejer nak wat...bad kater tag kat saper2 yg kt tersenarai di link blongyer..jadi terus laa copy and paste...juga untuk sesiapa yg ader di senarai blog pusingan saya..dipersilakan..

5 presents : (the current things I do or the presents that I want?)

1. an account bank full with billion ringgit
2. nikon d300 full kit
3. Dell XPS
4. Ipod 80G
5. lca lomo camera

5 reasons for the above:

1. all of us like money right?
2. photography is fun (i like it)
3. best o laptop nih..leh surf kt ner2
4. leh sumbat lagu bebanyak
5. coz now i only hve smena 8m (better is better)

5 characteristics that I like in a person that I admire:

1. open minded
2. like to hang out
3. cheerful..funny
4. cool
5. can tolerate in many things

Best thing she ever did for me :

i dont have any mom is an exception

5 things you do when you are bored:
1. reading magazin or novel
2. chatting or messaging
3. watching movies
4. eat something..especially choclate
5. sleep...of course most of the times

5 greatest inventions:

1. computer including keyboaad,mouse etc
2. telephone
3. light
4. robot
5. headphones...mostly brand philips and panasonics..superb

5 most hated:

1. smoke
2. bad smell
3. orang yang kurang sivik n bajet bagus
4. orang yang bergaji besar pastu nak comment paslal brg n minyak yg naik harga (diorag tak rasa apa yg 'kita' rasa)
5. penipu

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