Update from uia gombak...

it has been 3 weeks already i spend my life in International Islamic University Malaysia, IIUM. i realize now how the campus life really it is in spite hear the rumours. but iium is slightly different with other university (ipta) as it has both local and international students. come from about 19 different countries, most from west asia such egypt, syria, palestine, yaman. now is short semester, just optional semester for the students to finish the universty requisite subjects and not so many students take it rather than have a long 3 months holiday. the international students seem conquering all the campus because they dont go back home. oh, forget to tell..my class for this short sem only on tuesday and thursday only. guess what i do in the other 3 quite boring day?

my daily schedule is about to start at 12 o' clock(zzzzzzz)....kringggg!!!"my roomates keep asking dont you have class today?".with the lazinesss, i replied, "dont have laaa". *yawn. day to day, life must go on. i spend a lot of my time on my bed while watching the monitor showing my winamp's playlist move from song to another song. then, i re-watch all my tv series colection; prison break,heroes and hustle and some movies. if not i enjoy myself watching the funny video and commercial video which about 10gb of my hard disk.

at 10pm, it is the time for sports activity..really they play futsal, tennis, volleyball, badminton and so on. most of the court are empty in the evening, just for the field, running track and hall.people jogging, jumping, laughing, chatting, reading and studying give some 'moods' inside the campus. me? im playing badminton, sometimes futsal and the rest of my times as i said before.

a long day huh..life must go on.do whatever we want, dont care what other people want or somebody wants. we deserver what we want.

what do you want? (quote from 'the notebook')


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