Thomas cup dan naruto shippuden

Argh..dam haji tol...its hard to get free wireless in iium need a laptop, enough energy to walk from mahallah to library, a nice port to land your laptop (especially a plug point) so you can surf a little bit longer, a nice eye because people always stare at you(it's bad to stare at people you know?) and of course free class, no assignment, and nothing to do.

This week might a be an interesting week because its time for thomas im writing this, malaysia already been defeated by china...(it a shame)although malaysian team show their determination and work so hard but what can i say. the game was started by lee chong wei defeated lin dan (all people got shocked). the no 1 in the world been defeated by world no.2. followed by the first double, koo kien kiat-tan boong heong.(lost to china). then second double, wong choong han also lost to bao chunlai of china.but the spirit comes after the second and young double, fairuzzizuan and zakry show how to play a badminton with a right way and win. but shame for malaysia after hafiz hashim been defeated by cheng jiang.huhuhuh...its so sad for the team and of course for all malaysian.we have been waiting for the second thomas comes to malaysia since 1992.a long journey to go.

here i post the latest naruto shippuden video from youtube...its a lot of fake video there.

naruto shippuden 59 part 1

naruto shippuden 57-58 part 2

naruto shippuden 57-58 part 3

naruto shippuden 57-58 part 4

naruto shippuden 57-58 part 5



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