Do you feel bored...

What do you thinking now? 3 days in a post should make most of the bloggers *especially malaysian blogger is the worst thing if you declared yourself as a true blogger. i just wondering what i had done for this weekend as the time is tick tocking fly away through the open window.

Log in into friendster account, reading comments, delete forwarded message (i hate that things), watching your latest pics, then move to myspace, do the same things, then facebook, flickr and what-so-ever cyberspace which turn all the peoples in the world crazy and mad. So do i. Go back to bed reading magazine, watching free movies, finally end up with sleep. zzzz''. Like Hank Ketcham said, flattery is like chewing gum. Enjoy it, but dont swallow it.(dont understand, Googling it).

Do you ever realize when you feel nothing to do in a sunny day, let me tell you, you just need to fill the empty space with a productable activities that can swap away the bored and give you something interesting. Let try this one, get yourself online, open a search engine and search for your admirable girls or boys, just type her/his name,father's name or whatever relates to him/her...maybee you will see something you dont want it or maybe something funny, who knows? Or you can just take a pen/pencil and doodling(scratching or draw whatever you want). You got talent..... To someone who addicting to porn, (i dont ask you to check on porn), dont ever get yourself to addict to it because it can harm your hormone system. Avoiding it maybe hard for you but at least give a try.

Lastly i just want to share something that i read in Reader's Digest issue April2007, about a boy that like stethoscope and white cote so much. He had a sister that suffers from cancer and died a few years later. His mother cant accept the tragedy as she blamed the doctor because a doctor's first priority should be to save her patient's life, no matter what. When he in third year studying medical, he had clinical interaction with patients during ward visit, they will be experiencing the real life as a doctor. The first time he saw someone who was critically ill. Her mother introduce her daughter and tell that her husband had set her on fire, but her daughter defending her husband. The next day, the women's bed was empty. He asked the senior doctor what happened, "she died last night", the doctor replied. With the easy tone the doctor explain makes the boy hesistantly asked, "how did you tell her relatives?". The doctor eyed him with curiosity. "i just told them she was dead". Then, he cried his heart out by taken aback the doctor's professional". A few days later, the women's mother come to take some paperwork, she looked at the boy and smiled gently. Placing her hand on his head and kissed the forehead while prayed for his long life."You doctors did whatever you could", she said. "The rest was His will".

From that i realize that what is the meaning of life:that we should do everything we can; the rest lies in God's hand.

*malaysia is one of the country that has most active bloggers

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