Last movie i watched

Tick..tock..time is fleeting. Hope this day will be better than yesterday.

I'm trying to focus my attention
But I feel so A.D.D
I need some help some inspiration
But it's not coming easily...(natalie bedingfiedl-these words)

dont know whats going on around me.. terrible horrible day..keep mumble ya.when something you can leavee, you gonna miss it back. My class will start back at this coming tuesday. *yawn. it so fast. i really miss my friends at foundation centre, PJ. IIUM Gombak cmpus, im coming. Today i will be at 'kampung' for 'kenduri arwah' my great2 grandfather(passed away 3 weeks ago) ~alfatihah~. This morning, i feel *dizz..dizzy coz i cant sleep. So, i watched some movies in my harddisk. From 5 movies i rate:

1. Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium (im crying..huhuh)
2. Awake (feeling uncomfortable)
2. The Pianist (music is his passion, survival was his masterpiece)
3. Step Up 2 (keep it rocks)
4. V for Vandetta (wtf??)
5. 9 September (aper nih?i hate fasha)

so all of these movies take until 5.00am this morning...*yawn. not sleep yet. Today is jumaat right?my sleep time wil be shorter than usual..'solat jumaat laaaa'. my mum open the door while im watching those movies~alamak kantoi tak tido lagi...hehehe

mak: ya Allah, tak tido lagi...kang esok jgn nak ngadu pening2...semayang subuh dlu!
me: ok2.ok2. tak habih lagi citer nih.
mak: citer per tu...tgk citer **cah ker?
me: uishh..takkanlaaa... :O

Ok laa..need my bed...pillow talk.sleep~zzzzzz


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