Finally it stands on its own...

(what do you think huh).my blog.
April,14 2008, a report shows that one of *.blogspot owned by one of the blogger finally stand on its domain. The blog was named now change to Kindly informed that the blog still based on as its main and favorite provider. The author said, all links that refer to will automatically forwarded to current link. The domain was provide by local(Malaysian) server known as and it cost only MYR11.oo including the DNS mangement.

The blog also change it name to former name (garbagefunstuff). The beautiful template is made by Vikiworks and the background had changed for a better view. The blog also support some advertisment as you can see, Advertlets and GrabMyAds

As the affiliate of some campaign, the author hope this blog will maintain its trafic and get more visitors soon. To all bloggers, hope you enjoy and keep blogging. Hav a nice day.


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