Do yuo konw how stpuid we aer? Dot'n you?

Do you know?

everyone knows when they are late, they cannot reach at work on time, but they still rushing to make it on time...and everyone knows that will increase the accident.

everyone knows the siren at LRT shows door will close in 5/10 seconds and they still buying ticket, then they run fast towards the train although they know they can't catch the train...and everyone knows they will sweat.

everyone knows they cannot push the door that said pull but they still make it...when someone says, "it said pull" you know what? they replied "sibuklah!"...we are not a busybody but we CARE.

everyone keep saying "maggie" is the easiest dish to have, but when they eat at "mamak", 'maggie goreng pedas ye'...although they know it worst then RM3.00.

everyone knows that in English, smoking is harmful but they still smoke...although it written and told in malay.

everyone knows all the things that been wrong and right, but they still doing wrong...although they know it is wrong

everyone keep saying all of these but everyone knows that they will forget this...although they are reading right now.

  • because this world is round and nobody cant touch the end of the world
  • because God had created all the universe for humankind benefit
  • because all the creation follow the God's will although they know humankind still obeying God
  • because we are the creations that created on a purpose

the end



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