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Launched in Australia on the 31st of March 2007, Earth Hour moved 2.2 million people and 2100 businesses in Sydney to turn off their lights for one hour. This massive collective effort reduced the city's energy consumption by 10.2% for one hour. With Sydney icons like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House turning their lights off and unique events such as weddings by candlelight, the world took notice. Inspired by the collective effort of millions of Sydneysiders, many major global cities are joining Earth Hour in 2008, turning a symbolic event into a global movement.

YOUR participation will go a long way in spreading the message that we, as individual droplets working collectively – can create an impetus far more powerful than the mightiest of rivers. For more information, log on to the WWF Earth Hour page at: www.earthour.org


so what i am going to do is :

besides doing this at my own home, i will try and talk to my apartment's residents' association, and get as much participation from the residents. will print out leaflet too to promote the cause.
a friend is also helping me to record the event, and hopefully we'll post it on youtube : )

no need to go on a bigger scale, just do what you can do at home or at your work place- Malaysia ni tau2 la, nak buat candle light vigil nak kena mintak permit lagi, ada FRU la wtf la.

call up ur family, friends, neighbours to participate. if you think you are going to be at work on that day, just do it in the office - but talk to your boss first lah

but if you are capable of organizing a bigger event at your community, it's much better. BBQ, party,candle light vigil is ok as long as you turn off the light for one hour ; )

the point is, everyone has the opportunity to reduce carbon dioxide emission, so by turning off the light for one hour is the first step

so to all the good people in myspace, please join me on Saturday, 29th March 2008. switch off your light - lampu bilik, lampu toilet, tv, lampu dapur - for one hour, starting from 8pm.

i hope by doing this, you can inspire the people around you to be aware of climate change and global warming.


p/s don't forget to share your experiences too. pictures,videos!

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