Back to old time

today is the most awkward day in this month. there has no laptop or pc i want to online with except this 90's pc with intel centrino processor, 64 mb ram and 15gb harddisk.what the heck. ifound this machine at my back store. i try to power up this computer, you know wat? it is functional as normal. hahahahaha. lol. so i try to connect to my soma(jaring) port, it also can surf the internet. acuactually this post is updated from this bloody-hell-computer.

i open the music's folder, it full with blues song late 80's to 90's like savage garden, 911, blues, az yet, 98, the corrs ah! it makes me crazy. i add them to the media player list, stucked.hahaha. forget this damn. a lot of changes done until windows vista, but the system is still not a lot differences, only the graphic wise is digitalised so it look more adorable. just it...recumbent

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