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it makes me crazy to wait until the volume three is release...warghhhhhh

Heroes Volume Three sneak peek leaked

By Tim Surette - TV.com
December 19, 2007 at 01:29:00 PM | more stories by this author

Shaky-cam footage of new Heroes trailer features footage from unaired episodes.

Earlier this week, one of television's top shows teased its devoted fan base with a peek at its upcoming season that is already conjuring up theories about what exactly will happen. The show is Lost, and the extended trailer that sprung up all over the Web yesterday shows clips from the upcoming fourth season, which begins at the end of January.
Mr. Quinto, that isn't how you do the Vulcan nerve pinch, this is h--AARRGGHGHHHHH!!

Mr. Quinto, that isn't how you do the Vulcan nerve pinch, this is h--AARRGGHGHHHHH!!

Late last week, another one of television's top shows teased fans with a peek at what's to come through a new trailer. Only this time, the show is Heroes, and the distribution of the trailer wasn't nearly as widespread.

Tim Kring debuted a new look at Volume Three of Heroes--dubbed "Villains"--at the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival, where the show was being honored on Saturday. Thanks to one sneaky attendee, footage has surfaced online.

The 50-second clip focuses largely on Sylar, who has his powers and his villainous swagger back. The clip also shows Kristen Bell as Elle, H.R.G. discussing the dangers of bad people possessing powers, and in the trailer's most "OMG!" moment, momma Petrelli hanging out with Sylar.

According to TVGuide.com, the footage was taken from this season's episodes 12 and 13, the two that follow the conclusion of "Volume Two: Generations" and have yet to air due to complications from the strike.

Heroes is on hiatus until the writers' strike is resolved. For more on the show, read TV.com's previous coverage, including an exclusive Q&A with star Milo Ventimiglia.

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