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Sketch-a-day #25. Ducatti - Multistrada.
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Sketch-a-day #24. Satria Neo + Murcielago Hatchback
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Sketch-a-day #23
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Sketch-a-day #22
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im a graduate in bachelor of applied arts and design, international islamic university malaysia. majoring in industrial design. i love photography, design and arts. always hope to have a bright future. chocolate is my food and yogurt is my drink. i dont have favorite football team and barely know the players. i play badminton, but dont know how to smash, play soccer, and chess too. friends and family is love, and in God i trust. Pray more, play more.

im simple and minimalist. this blog is just a daily crap of me. you will be exposed to nothing but safe to view. thanks.

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